If you’re looking for laundry services in your near by areas & have been trying to Google Laundry Service Near Me, you’re at the right place.

Fabwasche is a leading laundry service provider in DELHI & GURGAON and is rapidly expanding to nearby areas.






Fabwasche is one of the fast, clean, hygienic and professional laundry services in Gurgaon. We have many services under one roof whether it’s dry cleaning, laundry, steam iron or shoes cleaning. In a busy place like Gurgaon, we understand how important is your time and laundry become a time- consuming task for you. We care for your time so we provide our exclusive services to you at an affordable rate. We pick up your clothes from your home or office wherever you want at your convenience, launder and deliver at your mentioned address on time. In Fabwasche, the best quality detergents and cleaning agents are used which doesn’t affect your clothes beauty and make it shine like new. Our on-demand laundry services use the best technology and skilled labour which knows how to handle the clothes and which fabric needs what kind of care that guarantees your clothes are in safe hands. Our laundry prices start from only Rs 59 which makes it fit into your budget. It is equal to the detergent and water you will use at home but if you choose us it will help you to save your time which you can use somewhere else. There will be no worry of doing your weekly laundry and you don’t basically need to do anything except put your freshly cleaned clothes together. With our laundry and dry cleaning services, we also give the shoe cleaning services to make you look impressive when you wear clean clothes and shoes also. We use best and safe cleaning agents for your shoes that doesn’t diminish its quality and make them look fresh.